from real palm leaves

Moroccan baskets

The palm leaf basket has long held a beloved spot in The Souks collection. It’s not going away anymore, because it’s not only our favorite, but yours as well! Use the baskets for toys, work stuff, laundry, mail, a picnic, your laptop or craft stuff. The baskets are handmade with love by our craftsmen in Morocco.

Storing your stuff has never been more fun, and these baskets are handsome enough to display in plain sight.


“Our handmade palm leaf baskets are here to stay. Your new favorite storage unit, picnic basket or beach bag”

handmade palm leaf baskets

Woven with love

Storing your stuff has never been more fun. With our handmade palm leaf baskets your things are tucked away in no time, and in an attractive way too! These baskets can easily be placed in your living room. Looks a lot nicer than a plain box, right?

All our baskets are handwoven woven by our craftsmen in Morocco. Each one is ideal for storing your toys, work stuff, laundry, mail, laptop or craft stuff. Or bring it as a picnic basket to the beach or park!

There may be mixed and matched! All baskets fit together and are easily stackable.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What can I use the baskets for?

What not, is a better question. Team The Souks really do use them for everything. Storing toys, work stuff, laundry, mail or craft stuff. The M sized basket is also super suitable for storing your laptop. Prepare your favorite picnic in the palm leaf basket or throw in your beach gear. We have a basket for every purpose in the collection.

Are the baskets exactly the same size?

All of our baskets are made by hand. Therefore, there may be small differences in the size which may cause the size to differ slightly from the measurements listed on the product page. We believe this to be the charm of the product!

Are the baskets suitable for outdoor use?

You can always take them outside, but don’t leave them outside. The baskets are for indoor storage, or to bring with you on the road, but do not like the rain and the Dutch climate.

What size basket do I choose?

That depends on what you want to use the basket for. Use the large sizes for bedding, laundry, toys, toilet roll stock, etc. The medium size is for your laptop or craft supplies. The straw bags are suitable for beach days, work stuff and groceries.

Can I have a basket made with a name on it?

When purchasing a single basket, unfortunately we cannot facilitate this because it is too laborious to initiate this (logistically). When you want to buy more baskets with your own design (from 25 baskets) you are welcome to send us a custom request. Please mail to Also, our designer can always help you with great ideas.