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Moroccan poufs

The pouf, perhaps the most Moroccan item in existence. Why sit on a chair, when a pouf is just as comfortable? At The Souks we sell several types: leather poufs, poufs made of (vintage) carpets or plaids, kelim poufs and meditation cushions. Not just to sit on, but they’re also very attractive and decorative in any interior.


“A pouf in the living room always gives just that delightful bit of je ne sais quoi

Moroccan poufs

Bring authentic Morocco into your home

Whether you love a frivolous interior, a minimalist package or a boho vibe: with a pouf you’re always right: The Souks has a suitable design for every style. We have leather poufs – sturdy and timeless, fabric poufs that are made of (vintage) carpets or plaids which are a real eye-catcher in any interior, and Kilim poufs with a serene appearance (always a good choice). For yoga and meditation we have special designs in our MoiTu collection.

The local craftsmen work with passion and love on the poufs from our collection.

The leather poufs have a contemporary, Ottoman design (the design originates from Turkey) and are decorated with special hand stitching. You can easily use them as a footstool or as a decorative side table. Also nice with a tray on it.

The fabric poufs are very popular within team The Souks. Amazing colors and designs: each and every one handpicked by The Souks owner Sandra. There is only one identical item of each pouf available. It is possible that the pouf of your choice is made from a carpet or plaid from which several poufs are made, in which case matching items from the same line may be available.

The poufs are not delivered filled. You can read more information in the FAQ below.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Are the leather poufs delivered filled?

The Moroccan pouf does not come filled. Getting the pouf filled is an easy job. In Morocco, poufs are traditionally stuffed with straw or old clothes. Filling the pouf with pillows is of course the easiest option. You can also fill it with foam rubber, which you can easily buy online. Fill the pouf as full as possible for a firm effect. If you prefer a softer pouf, you can fill it a little less: just a matter of trying it out. We even got a tip from a customer once: ‘fill it up with skiwear, you have an instant storage space for it’, we found that very useful and funny 😉

How high are the leather poufs?

That depends on how solid you fill it (see question above). This will be about 30 cm.

Are the leather poufs new or vintage?

The design of the leather pouf originally comes from Turkey, but nowadays it is often made in Morocco. We have the poufs made new, so you are guaranteed a nice quality leather.

How should I treat the leather?

Clean the pouf with a dry or slightly damp cloth. The use of (too) wet cloths on leather often has a staining effect. Your leather pouf is not machine washable.

Once in a while you may use a transparent leather polish to pep up the surface, but it is not necessary. Leather will only become more beautiful over time, and we personally believe scratches and stains add a lot of character to the pouf.

Are the fabric poufs delivered filled?

The poufs are not delivered filled, but filling the cover is a simple job. See the answer to this same question about the leather poufs, the same applies to the fabric poufs.

How high are the fabric poufs?

That depends on how firmly you fill it (see question above). This will be about 30 cm. The width is around 50/55 cm. For specific product info, we recommend consulting the product page.

I would like to order more of the same fabric poufs, is that possible?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Our poufs are made out of (vintage) blankets and rugs. These blankets and rugs are cut to size and processed into poufs. So they are all slightly different! It is possible that there are multiple poufs made from the chosen rug or blanket, these items are therefore similar and are very nice to combine with each other.

The fabric poufs from our own design collections are made of new woven fabrics, these can sometimes be made to order. Mail your request to

Do you do customization for the poufs?

We get a lot of requests and we love to make poufs made to measure. It helps us a lot when you know what kind of fabric / color / pattern you’d like, and what size. If you don’t know yet, our designer will be happy to have a look with you. This is possible with new fabrics. With poufs that are made of vintage carpets or plaids, customization is possible up to a certain point, depending on the (amount of) available fabric that suits your needs. Together we can look at the available rugs and fabrics according to your style and size requirements. Kelim and stripe fabrics are almost always findable and possible, specific colors and patterns in rugs depend on the supply.