beautiful forest green color

Tamegroute pottery

Tamegroute is handmade pottery in a typical forest green color. Tamegroute originates from the village of the same name, which is also the last place before the Sahara desert begins. Tamegroute pottery comes in all shapes and sizes: plates, bowls, candlesticks, vases, pots and beautiful abstract art objects. We love it!


“Tamegroute, the authentic, green pottery from the heart of Morocco. Handcrafted and oh, so handsome”

Tamegroute pottery

Bring authentic Morocco into your home

We think Tamegroute is the most beautiful pottery there is. Use a Tamegroute item as an eye-catcher on the coffee table, light your favorite dinner candles in it, cover the most beautiful tables with it, serve the most delicious snacks or finally give your lost stuff a place with these colorful bowls and dishes.

Tamegroute is handmade pottery in the typical, rich forest green color. Originally, the pottery comes from the eponymous village of Tamegroute, the last place before the Sahara begins, so in southern Morocco. It is therefore called in Berber “the last place before the desert”. Near Tamegroute is the Draa River. From this river clay is extracted with which the Moroccan pottery is made. Potters then make the most beautiful creations on their wheel and the tableware is placed in the sun for 24 hours to dry. When the tableware is dry the glaze is applied. This glaze contains a small amount of copper which gives Tamegroute its characteristic deep green color. How the glaze is made exactly, is something only the families from Tamegroute know. They pass on the secret recipe from generation to generation. Finally, the Moroccan pottery is baked. The tableware is piled up -giving the pieces the stiffer, slightly protruding ‘dots’. After firing, the unique creations are completely finished!

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the delivery time for Tamegroute items?

Many of our decorative items are shipped from our office instead of our warehouse. There we will pack your package with care. We aim to ship your order within 2-5 business days.

Our other items do come from the warehouse, so if you have combined multiple products in 1 order, your order may arrive in 2 packages.

Isn't the pottery very fragile?

Not more fragile than other glass and pottery, but of course these items require good protection and some extra love and care. Therefore, we ship these products from our office, where we pack your package with the greatest care. In the unlikely event that a product does arrive damaged, please send us a picture of the product and the entire packaging within 2 days of receiving your package. Of course we will solve this together!

Why don't you send the larger items?

The larger the item, the more likely it is to break. That’s a risk we’d rather not take. Large Tamegroute items can be picked up at our office in Amsterdam. Please contact us at to discuss this.

Is there more Tamegroute than what is listed on the site?

We often have the special editions such as large bowls or other unique items on display at the office. Keep an eye on our insta stories for office sales, and don’t hesitate to send us a message if you are looking for something special.

Can I have a custom order made such as large pots for the garden?

You certainly can! Just send us an email and let us know what you are looking for. Note: custom orders always have a longer delivery time. Larger items can only be picked up at our office in Amsterdam because of the fragility of the product. For more info mail to

Can Tamegroute go into the dishwasher?

Rather not, due to the delicate manufacturing process, these items are not dishwasher safe. Rather wash the items by hand with a mild detergent. Do not soak too long.