Berber rugs

A suitable carpet for every interior

The Moroccan rug, that’s where it all began for The Souks. Our love started with the classic Beni Ouarain rug, and grew into the wide range of rugs that are now under our wings. Pastel-colored Beni Mguilds, creative and sustainable Boucherouite rugs, the small and happy Azilal, the colorful Boujaad with its geometric shapes and our own hand designed gems. We love each and every one of them. All handmade, with love for color, shape, detail and the softest, pure and natural materials.


“At the Souks, we believe and value true craftmanship.
We breathe every stich, every paint stroke, every detail”

Berber rugs

Bring authentic Morocco into your home

Finding a suitable carpet for every interior: that’s what we do, and that’s what our craftsmen in Morocco make. And have made, because most of our carpets are unique, vintage finds.

Six years back, Sandra started The Souks. “It all started with a back. How so? Years ago Sandra brought a rug from Morocco and sold it. Sandra: “Soon friends, acquaintances, colleagues and neighbors followed. Moroccan rugs are very popular, as it turned out. What started as a hobby has now grown into a full-time job; office and staff included. But some things never change. For example, I still go to Morocco a few times a year to pick out all the items myself and all the products are still handmade and unique.” This combination has made for an irresistible collection for six years now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the difference between the different types of rugs?

Sandra: “We could chat about that for hours! We will try to summarize it for you. The first one in the list, Boucherouite, means ‘leftover materials’. These carpets are made of leftover pieces of fabric from old clothes, for example. New carpets are then knotted from these. Therefore no two are the same! Not to mention that they are therefore also sustainable. Beni Ouarain carpets are made in the village of ‘Beni Ouarain’. These beautiful carpets are made entirely of wool, and are characterised by their ivory and dark stripes. I have been selling these Moroccan rugs since the beginning of The Souks, and for this reason they could be called genuine Souks originals. Beni Mguild carpets come from the village ‘Beni Mguild’. These carpets are also made of wool, but have very soft colors that have faded over time. My personal favorite is perhaps the Boujaad rug. These Moroccan rugs have bright colors and crazy geometric patterns. If my house was big enough I would keep them all myself! Last but not least we have the Azilal rugs. These come in two flavors: they are either super fluffy or low pile. These are often a bit smaller so ideal for a cozy home.”

How long does it take to finish such a handsome rug?

Sandra: “Most of our rugs are vintage, so these are already made. For our other rugs -which we have made ourselves- it depends on several factors, such as:

the fabric used to make it, the size of the rug, how tightly the fabric is woven, and the pattern woven on the Moroccan rugs. A lot of hours of handwork quickly goes into it!”

When is a rug Souks-worthy?

Sandra: “First, we look at what our customers want. What are they looking for? Then I have to be happy with it myself. If I see a carpet and am immediately enthusiastic it goes with me to Hollanda! When I am in Morocco, I also have custom orders made there. Many people do not know that they can place such a custom order. If you are looking for a specific item, you can always send The Souks an e-mail or DM and I will look for your dream carpet. Other than that, I strive for a diverse selection so there is something for everyone, and I try to be innovative.”

When all those beautiful Moroccan rugs arrive in the Netherlands, what happens then?

Sandra: “Then the real work starts for us! The rugs are first shot by our in-house photographers. Of course we want you to be able to see what a carpet looks like, so we take a lot of detailed pictures. Then all the carpets are measured and labeled so that everyone gets the right order. Then the carpets go to the warehouse and hopefully to a very happy new owner!”

Tips for anyone who is unsure whether to order a carpet?

Sandra: “Just do it! You will see that a Moroccan rug will connect all the elements in your interior. Not to mention how nice it is for the feet! We have a ‘try your rug at home service’, so if you have any doubts you can just try out your rug!”

And what if I don't like the rug?

Then you may return it to us. Returns can be made by placing the carpet back in the box you received it in. This may seem like a hassle because of the size of large rugs, but fortunately it is not that big of a hassle. Our rugs almost always fit in a cardboard box. We recommend that you use the box in which the carpet was delivered to ensure that it fits. Keep the box until you are sure you want to keep the carpet. Deliver your package to a PostNL point or another postal provider of your choice.


Our return address is:

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