Pre-order rug

The pre-order rug category is a new one for us. Normally we choose all the rugs on the spot in Morocco, but during the pandemic this new initiative was born. We have close contact with our craftsmen in Morocco and they show us their most beautiful creations and finds through online meetings, which we sell as pre-orders in the online shop. This creates a nice mix of special carpets, with the classic Beni Ouarain and the colorful Beni Mguilds, Boujaad, Boucherouite and the smaller Azilal carpets.

For shipping info check out the product page of your favorite rug.


“Pre-order your favorite rug from the heart of Morocco”

The pre-order rug category is a new one for us. Normally we choose all carpets locally in Morocco, but during the pandemic this new initiative was born. We have close contact with our craftsmen in Morocco and they show us online their most beautiful creations and finds, which we put online as pre-orders. This creates a nice mix of special carpets, with the classic Beni Ouarain as well as the colorful Beni Mguilds, Boujaad, Boucherouite and the smaller Azilal carpets.

For shipping info, check out the product page of your favorite carpet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your question not listed? Feel free to contact us!

When will my pre-order rug be delivered?

Because this is a pre-order rug, the delivery time is longer than what you are used to. Normally the carpets are delivered from our warehouse within a few working days, but the pre-order carpets are still in Morocco and are shipped in small batches to the Netherlands. You can see the estimated delivery time on the product page of your rug.


Can I see the carpets in real life?

We do not have a physical store or showroom. However, we regularly organize pop-up shops so that you can see the carpets in real life. Please subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Instagram to keep up to date with pop-up shops.

Because we understand that you really want to see a rug in real life, we pay for shipping costs from €150 and up.


Can I try out a carpet at home?

Of course you can! We understand that you want to see if the rug of your dreams really fits your interior and matches your furniture. Order the rug in our online shop, and if it is not what you hoped for you can always return it.

What if I do not like the pre-order rug?

You may return the rug to us. The return process for the pre-order rugs is the same as for our other products.

Returns can be made by placing the rug back in the box you received it in. This may seem like a hassle because of the size of large rugs, but fortunately it is not that big of a hassle. Our rugs almost always fit in a cardboard box. We recommend that you use the box in which the carpet was delivered to ensure that it fits. Keep the box until you are sure you want to keep the carpet. Deliver your package to a PostNL point or another postal provider of your choice.


Our return address is:

De Pakkettenfabriek

The Souks

Conservenweg 116

2371 DT Roelofarendsveen


Ons retour adres is:

The Souks
Turbineweg 21
2371 DV Roelofarendsveen

What does it cost to return a rug?

You can check the costs of a return with the postal service with which you want to send the parcel back. For a registered parcel with PostNL it costs around €9 – €15, depending on the weight of your carpet.

Will I get my money back?

After the processing of your return by our warehouse, we will refund the purchase price. This also applies to sale carpets.

I have seen a rug on the site but now it is gone, will it be back in stock?

Our vintage rugs are one of a kind, so only one of each rug is available. If you have your eye on a vintage carpet that is no longer on the site, then it is sold and no longer available, unless it is returned; the carpet will then come back online.

The carpets that we design ourselves and have woven sometimes come back, especially if you let us know that you want it; then we have it made for you.

We can also always look with you for a similar vintage carpet in that color or size, or have one custom made for you.

Having a custom carpet made, how does it work?

We can have rugs made in all shapes and sizes. Our designer would love to take a look with you! Please contact us at

Do you already have something specific in mind or have you seen a nice example? Be sure to send a sample photo along with your mail, it will help us with the design process.

Prices for custom rugs vary by size.

How do I clean a carpet?

You can vacuum a carpet at home. Do this regularly so that debris, crumbs and residue do not soak into the carpet. If you want to clean your carpet thoroughly, you can start with a special rug cleaner or rug shampoo after vacuuming. Follow the instructions supplied with the product. Never use cleaning products that are not specifically designed for (woollen) carpets.

We recommend that you let a professional company do the proper cleaning of your carpet. They often have a home service. We know a number of such companies, feel free to email us for tips.

In case of stains, it is best to act ASAP. Dab the stain carefully with a damp cloth (not wet) with lukewarm water and vinegar. Do not scrub roughly.

For stubborn stains, for example wine, it is best to do it with lukewarm water instead of cold. In the case of fruit juice, sparkling water is a good idea. Then place a tea towel over this and let it absorb the stain completely. Always let the rug dry completely after cleaning.

I have seen a rug and want a different / larger size, is that possible?

Unfortunately we cannot deliver our vintage rugs in a different size due to their vintage character. However, we can always have new carpets woven. Have you seen a carpet you like or would you like to have our designer design a custom carpet? Please send us a message, we are happy to think along with you.

How do I know what size carpet I need?

Tip of the trade! Stick painter’s tape on your floor to tape out the size. This way you can try and experience what size fits your interior. Our experience is that you often need a wider carpet than your sofa is wide, to create a feeling of space and bring the furniture together into a whole.

Are the rugs measured with or without fringes?

We measure the rugs without fringes.

Approximately how thick are the rugs?

This varies from rug to rug and depends on the material and manufacturing technique. Let’s say that they are maximum 5 centimeters thick, but this really varies per style!

What could be possible signs of use?

These include fringes that are not all the same length or are missing, a small color difference in the wool, etc. For larger blemishes that are clearly visible, we will always mention this on the product page.

Which carpet suits me?

We understand you, there is so much beauty out there! Feel free to browse our different rug categories and to try any rug at home to see if it fits your interior. Having a hard time deciding? We would like to take a closer look at your interior and your carpet needs, so that you receive exactly the carpet that suits you. Mail to

I would like a carpet in the bathroom or toilet room, is that possible?

We do not recommend this in the first instance. Wool remains at its best when it is dry. In addition, you would rather not have any residue or splashes from care products ending up on your carpet.

Of course it is possible, but make sure that your carpet stays as dry as possible and that the room can ventilate. In any case, do not use the carpet as a bath mat.

If you still want a carpet in a wet room, then a cotton carpet might be a good solution, go for a Boucherouite rug.

Can a carpet be placed under the dining table?

In principle it can, but it varies from rug to rug whether this is comfortable. You want to be able to slide your chair forwards and backwards, and that doesn’t work as well with a high-pile carpet. Always make sure you have a good foundation and work with a carpet pad to prevent slipping and curling up.

Can I hang a rug on the wall?

Many of our rugs look like true works of art. We can imagine that you would love to hang one of these on your wall. Not only does it look good, it is also good for the acoustics. Just make sure you secure it properly and use the right plugs for your type of wall.

Of course you can just hang the rug on the wall with nails, but that’s not the only option for hanging up your new gem.

For example, you can also hang a wooden beam on the wall and hang the Moroccan tapestry on it. In addition, you can sew a piece of fabric to the tapestry through which you can slide a stick. Then you can hang that stick on the wall. If you want to hang the rug nice and tight, it’s best to make two strings in the corners of the rug and hang them on the wall.