Our kids’ rooms are little wonderlands. A magical world where they can fantasize. Where colors may be mixed, where a little messiness is allowed, where materials are soft and natural, and especially where warmth and coziness are the central theme. In our kids category you will find a selection of handpicked and handdesigned items for the smallest among us.

From soft cushions with playful pompoms to raffia lampshades, from lovely blankets to cozy dotted rugs and from playful deco to a range of palm grass baskets. Because that last one cleans up so nicely!


“A handpicked selection for the magical world of the smallest among us”


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What size blanket do I choose?

We have the pompom blankets in 3 sizes: M, L and XL.

M: 120 x 150

L: 150 x 250

XL: 200 x 300

Choose Medium when you want to brighten up a single bed or crib. This size is also great for the couch!

I hesitate between a cotton and a wool blanket, which one should I choose?

Both materials are 100% natural, of pure quality and durable. A wool blanket is a bit warmer and heavier, where the cotton blanket is a bit lighter. Still, it is a tightly woven blanket, so even the cotton blanket is of sturdy quality.

Wool is self-cleaning and moisture regulating, repels dust mites and is particularly suitable for people with allergies. Wool is cool in summer and warm in winter, in Morocco the blankets are used for all seasons. Cotton is naturally cooler.

The colors of wool blankets tend to be more intense, where cotton blankets tend to be softer and duller.

Can I wash blankets and pillows?

Wool blankets and pillows can be washed by hand or on a wool wash program, preferably on a cold program with a special wool detergent. The cotton blankets and pillows can be washed on a gentle cycle. Tip from us: hang out your blanket regularly so the fresh air can go through the fibers.

Do you only have blankets with pompoms?

Since our AW2021 collection we also have blankets without pompoms in our range! You can see them here.

What can I use the wicker baskets for?

What not, is a better question. The baskets lend themselves perfectly to storing toys, craft supplies, stuffed animals, or frilly stuff.

The baskets are also ideal for a picnic with the family! We have a basket for every purpose in our collection.

Are the baskets exactly the same size?

All of our baskets are made by hand. Therefore, there may be small differences in the dimensions which may cause the size to differ slightly from the sizes listed on the product page. We think this is the charm of the product!

Can I have a basket made with a name on it?

For the purchase of one basket, we can unfortunately not facilitate because it is too laborious to initiate this (logistical). When you want to buy more baskets with your own design (from 25 baskets) you are welcome to send us a custom request.

Please mail to Also, our designer can always look with you for great ideas.

Can I have a custom dotted carpet made?

You certainly can! Send an email to with your idea and we will look at the possibilities together.

Are the leather animals washable?

No. When the animal gets dirty, you can wipe it with a damp cloth. Let it dry well.