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Shoes and bags absolutely complete your outfit in a flash! All that stuff we carry around with us every day better be disguised in a handsome bag, right? And what’s not to love about a good old Moroccan shoe (we practically live in them). So we made them for you! From wicker beach bags to cotton shopper and from traditional Babouches (Moroccan slippers) to sunny raffia sandals.


“We need to walk on them every day, so we might as well look good in it.”


Beautiful bags and shoes

Little completes an outfit like a good bag and comfortable footwear. We’ve taken care of that for you! And of course it’s nice when it looks good on you too. So we designed a small range of Moroccan-inspired footwear and a fine line of practical and beautiful bags for you.

The wicker bag

The The Souks it-bag, if you ask us. This bag is hand-woven and made of high-quality straw: a real, authentic piece of Morocco. It’s an ideal, eco-friendly option and the baskets are extremely strong. Your new go-to bag for every trip to town or the beach. They also do an excellent job as timeless storage units. The bags come with wicker handles and are pretty weatherproof, they just don’t like getting wet. We have it plain, and we have it with pompoms. Instant boost for any outfit.

The fabric bag

The Souks, of course, breathes vintage fabrics. We use them to make cushions, plaids, poufs and other smart stuff, so one and one is two: the bag couldn’t stay behind. During our treasure hunts in Morocco we source the most beautiful (vintage) fabrics to make a pearl for your arm. We also regularly design beautiful patterns ourselves, from which high-quality textiles are woven in Morocco. From large shopper to compact shoulder bag.


Not only does it sound cozy, babouches are too! Babouches are -originally leather- slippers that can be worn indoors and outdoors, depending on the type. Some have a hard sole, others do not. The versions with hard soles can of course also be worn outside. Tout Morocco walks on them! And thanks to the babouches in our collection, now you can too. We have them handmade from high quality leather, suede, linen and cotton.

Raffia sandalen

Hi from sunny Morocco! These Raffia sandals are not only very stylish, but also very comfortable. And very important: the sandals are woven with love. It takes patience and dedication, as making a pair of shoes can easily take several days. Raffia is a product derived from the palm leaves of the Raffia tree. This tree grows in Africa. The Raffia sandals have a soft leather insole, so you can stroll the streets for hours!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your question not listed? Feel free to contact us!

What can I use the straw bags for?

What not, is a better question. Use it as a shopper, let it accompany you to the fresh market or fill it up with beach gear for a great day out. Your wicker bag is here to stay.

Are the baskets exactly the same size?

All of our baskets are made by hand. Therefore, there may be small differences in the dimensions, which means that the size may vary slightly from the sizes listed on the product page. We think this is the charm of the product!

How sturdy are the wicker bags?

This bag is handwoven and made of high quality straw: a real, authentic piece of Morocco. It’s an ideal, eco-friendly option and the baskets are extremely strong. Your new go-to bag for every trip to town or the beach. They also do an excellent job as timeless storage units. The bags feature wicker handles and are pretty weatherproof.

Are the straw bags suitable for the rain?

You can always take it outside, but it’s better not to leave it in the rain for too long. The baskets are very strong and can take a lot, but do not like to get wet.

What size basket do I choose?

That depends on what you want to use the basket for. Use the large sizes for bedding, laundry, toys, toilet roll stock, etc. The medium size has your laptop or craft supplies. The wicker bags are super suitable for beach days, work stuff and groceries.

Can I have a wicker bag made with a name on it?

When purchasing a single basket, unfortunately we cannot facilitate this because it is too laborious to initiate this (logistically). When you want to buy more baskets with your own design (from 25 baskets) you are welcome to send us a custom request. Please mail to Also, our designer can always look with you for great ideas.

Do the bags fit a laptop?

Most of our bags will fit at least a 13 inch laptop. Check the dimensions of the bag of your choice on the product page, so you know exactly what you can put in your new favorite bag.

Are the textile bags washable?

It’s best not to get the fabric bags made out of mudcloth too wet; it tends to rub off. Cotton bags are often washable, woolen bags better not. Check the product page of the bag to be sure whether your item can be washed or not.

Tip: hang your bag out in the garden or on the balcony, and spray it with a nice lavender spray.

What are babouches?

Babouches are -originally leather- slippers or slippers. Often the babouches have a pointed tip. Tout Morocco walks on them, and thanks to the handsome ones in our collection, you can too!

What are the shoes made of?

We have the babouches made by hand from high quality leather, suede, linen and cotton. The raffia shoes are made from, well, raffia.

Do I wear the babouches indoors or outdoors?

There are variants for both indoor and outdoor use. The outdoor variants have a hard sole, the indoor variants a soft one.

What size raffia shoes should I order?

The raffia sandals are small, please order one size bigger.

Do I have to break the shoes in?

A big no for the Babouches, as they walk like clouds. They are made of wonderfully soft leather, suede or cotton and walk great right away. The raffia ones on the other hand, need some training because it is a rougher material. But after some getting used to, they fit like slippers!