The accessory to make your house a home


“A pillow party is always a good idea”


Bring authentic Morocco into your home

Pillows, we can’t get enough of them. As far as we’re concerned, they’re the accessory par excellence to make your house a home, and to create atmosphere and authenticity in your interior. Whether you go for a special vintage pillow, a Berber pillow, a Kilim Beni Ouarain pillow, pompom party, vintage stripe pillow, a (vegan) Sabra silk pillow or a The Souks limited design edition, you are guaranteed to get a piece of craftsmanship with a story in your home. Check out the different categories to dive into the wonderful world of pillows with us.

Frequently asked questions

Is your question not listed? Feel free to contact us!

Are the cushions vintage or new?

That differs per product type. For example, vintage stripe pillows are vintage, pompom pillows are made from newly woven fabrics, and berber pillows are vintage again. Check out the category or product page for each pillow to read more information.

I have seen a beautiful pillow but would like more of it, is that possible?

Sometimes that is possible! Again, that depends on the type of pillow. Sometimes we have pillows made from vintage blankets, in which case several pillows may be taken from one blanket so you can score good matching pillows. From our newly woven fabrics, we can always have more pillows made. And some pillows are simply completely unique in their kind. Luckily all cushions are perfect for mixing and matching!

I have a couch for which I need a special size cushion, can you make that?

That depends on the type of cushion. Often it can be done, but with unique vintage fabrics it is a bit more difficult. Let us know what style, color and size you are looking for, so we can look at the possibilities together. Please note that custom orders can take a long time to deliver, because we work with you from design to production and delivery.

Is there any filling in the cushions?

This is indicated per product category.

Can I wash the pillow?

This varies by type of pillow. Please check the category or product page. Sometimes it is possible on a gentle washing program, but often we recommend not to wash your unique cushion. You can use a cloth to get any stains out, but because most pillows are made of delicate fabrics, we usually recommend not washing them. Rubbing them out or putting them in the fresh air for a while usually works enough!

Help, which pillow should I choose?

Our pillows lend themselves perfectly to mixing & matching! Feel free to combine different styles of colors, as they do in Morocco. But there’s a lot to choose from and that can be tricky, we understand. So are you really stressed about the choice? Send us an email and we’ll take a look with you.