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Cactus silk pillows

Who doesn’t love a cactus? This fabulous pillow cover is made from Sabra fibers, a super soft, silky fabric obtained from the Aloe Vera cactus plant. The long, pointed leaves of the cactus are crushed, the fibers are washed and hammered, then the leaves are soaked in water.

These are then spun to make yarn and dyed using all-natural dyes such as indigo, henna and saffron. So, another lesson learned today! The pillows are handmade in Morocco.


“These pillows are so soft that this fabric is called ‘vegan silk’. Happy home, happy earth!”

Silky soft pillows

Bring authentic Morocco into your home

At The Souks, we have a wide range of beautiful pillows; if we may say so ourselves. In all colors and sizes, you ask? Oh, yes we do! We have special vintage pillows, minimalist kelim pillows and characteristic berber pillows. And have you ever looked at our silky pillows? This Sabra Silk pillow is a beautiful example of the beauty that Morocco has to offer. Get ready for the ins and outs about the Sabra silk pillow!

Sabra silk pillows are made from the Aloe Vera cactus. This plant is good for your skin and hair, but also for your interior! The soft fabric feels wonderful and the rich colors give exactly that Moroccan touch you want to your home.

From Sabra silk fiber to Sabra silk pillow

How does that work, turning a plant into fabric? We’ll explain. The cactus has long, pointy leaves, these are broken and crushed. Then the fibers are washed and hammered and the leaves are soaked in water. Finally, the fibers are handwoven into a fine, silk thread. They are also dyed. This dyeing is done with natural raw materials such as henna, saffron and indigo. They are then woven into fabrics, which are processed to produce the result: a silky, Sabra silk pillow, in amazing colors. The pillows are so soft that this fabric is called ‘vegan silk’. Happy home, happy earth!

Insiders tip! You obviously want to take good care of the things you love. Therefore, a free tip from us. The pillows are made by real craftsmen through a delicate process. This can cause the cushions to discolor when wet. Washing your Sabra silk cushion is therefore not a good idea.

Frequently asked questions

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How do I style my Sabra pillow?

You place your Sabra silk cushion (or several) on your sofa or bed. The more the merrier certainly applies in this case. Prefer a more serene look? Then go for a variant in natural tones and combine them with quiet, natural fabrics. Try them in combination with the pompom pillows; match made in heaven!

I have seen a beautiful cushion but I would like more, is that possible?

All cactus silk pillows are unique, so exactly the same one is not available. Often there are pieces in the same color(s), these match beautifully.

Can these cushions be made to measure?

Unfortunately this is not possible with this fabric. Check out our other categories like the vintage stripe cushions or the pompom cushions! Do you have something else in mind? Please email us and we will look at the options with you.

Are these pillows filled?

Yes, these pillows come filled.

Can I wash this pillow?

The cactus silk pillows cannot be washed. The manufacturing of the Sabra pillow is a delicate process. Not only is the fabric delicate, but it is dyed using all-natural dyes such as indigo, henna and saffron. The pillows may discolor when wet.

Help, which pillow should I choose?

The Sabra pillows lend themselves perfectly to mixing & matching! In fact, they always match. You can go for different variants in the same color scheme, or just put together a nice ton-sur-ton color palette. Are you really stressed about which colors to choose? Then email us and we’ll take a look with you.