new graphic style

Kelim beni ouarain pillows

This new graphic style is for anyone who would like to bring a piece of Morocco into their home, but is not one for bold colors. The kelim pillows are handmade, especially for The Souks and are inspired by the Beni Ouarain carpet. These rugs are named after the Berber village of ‘Beni Ouarain’ in the Mid-Atlas Mountains, where they are carefully crafted by the Berbers. We fell in love with the geometric Beni pattern and are very happy that we have now been able to cast it in cushion form!


“The perfect piece of Morocco in a minimalist look!”

craftsmanship with a calm color palette

The kilim Beni Ouarain pillow

The Kelim Beni Ouarain cushion is an out-and-out favorite among anyone who loves a piece of handmade craftsmanship, but likes to keep the color palette calm. The kelim pillows are handmade especially for The Souks. We took inspiration from the classic Beni Ouarain rug with its graphic shapes. These carpets are named after the Berber village of the same name in the middle of the Atlas Mountains. Since the Beni Ouarain carpet is a favorite at The Souks ánd we love pillows, it was a no brainer that these two facets should be combined into one beautiful product.

The pillow may have a different pattern than the one pictured. There is only one copy of each pillow, so each pattern is unique.

Frequently asked questions

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Are the pillows new or used?

These pillows are new. For this design, we have special fabrics woven, which are then cut into pieces to make pillows. Given the continuous pattern, each pillow is unique yet super matchy!

What does the back of these pillows look like?

The back of these pillows is made of natural white cotton.

Are all the pillows the same?

Not exactly. Because we cut the pillows from a large piece of fabric, the pattern may be slightly different from the photo (see the first question in this thread).

I have a couch that I need a special size cushion for, can you make that?

The fabric of the Kelim Beni Ouarain cushion lends itself well to this. Please let us know your wishes via Please take into account that custom orders take a long time to deliver, because we will work for you from design to production and delivery.

Is there any filling in this type of pillow?

Yes, these pillows come filled.

Is the kelim Beni Ouarain cushion washable?

Preferably not. You can use a cloth to wipe off any stains, but because these pillows are made from very delicate fabrics we do not recommend washing them. Knocking them out usually works sufficiently!