100% pure wool

Pompom pillows

Shake your pom pom! It’s safe to say that pompoms make everyone a little happier. These handmade soft cushions are made of 100% pure wool or cotton and bring just that little bit of boho to your interior. This is the perfect finishing touch for any couch, chair or bed.


“There’s no better party than a pom pom party!”

Pompom pillows

Bring authentic Morocco into your home

The pompom items have been a part of The Souks for years, making them true signature pieces. We first introduced these pillows in 2015 -the year The Souks found its origin- and since then these pillows and blankets have traveled with us collection after collection.

The pillows are handmade by our team of craftsmen in Morocco, and come in a variety of colors and sizes. Most pillows we have in 2 sizes: a square and a rectangular pillow. Only 100% pure wool and cotton are used in the making process of the pillows.

These fabrics are densely, firmly and hand woven so that you have a quality product in your hands. The soft, playful pompoms give the rich fabric just that little je ne sais quoi in your interior, whether you use it on the couch or bed.

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Frequently asked questions

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What are pompom pillows made of?

We only use natural materials to produce our pompom items: high-quality wool and cotton.

Are the pillows vintage or new?

We design the cotton and wool blankets ourselves and then have them woven by our team in Morocco. So the pillows are always new.

Do the pillows itch?

The cotton pillows do not itch at all, the wool varieties can itch a bit if you are sensitive to this and if you lie directly with your bare skin on the pillow.

Is there any filling in the pillows?

Yes! Our pompom pillows come filled.

Are the pillows washable?

Wool pillows can be washed by hand or on a wool wash program, preferably on a cold cycle with a special wool detergent. The cotton pillows can be washed on a gentle cycle. Tip from us: put the pillows outside (when dry of course) so the fresh air can go through the fibers.

Help, which pillow should I choose?

You can easily mix and match these pillows, in fact they always fit together! If you want to keep the base quiet, go for our white, off-white, beige or camel colors. Lovers of color (accents) go for a colorful variant! Do you really get stressed about your choice? Mail us and we will have a look!

Do the pompom pillows match the blankets?

Yes, the pillows are made of the same fabrics and colors as the blankets. So feel free to mix & match!

I have a couch for which I need a special size cushion, can you make that?

We can! Just email us at info@thesouks.com.

Do keep in mind that custom orders take a long time to deliver, because we go from design to production and delivery for you.