each pillow is unique

Special vintage pillows

We are totally in love with these distinctive eye-catchers! Each of the pillows is different in design, color and appearance. They are made of thick quality material and completely natural, made of wool and cotton.

Each pillow is carefully made and sewn with love and personally selected by The Souks. There is only one copy of each pillow, so each pattern is unique.


“The special vintage pillow is perhaps the most traditional product in our collection, made from the most beautiful, rich vintage fabrics”

Special vintage pillows

Bring authentic Morocco into your home

For the special vintage pillows, we search for the most beautiful, rich vintage fabrics, like blankets and rugs. From these fabrics we have the pillows made by our team of artisans in the heart of Morocco. These pillows are made of a thick quality of wool or cotton and are therefore completely natural. Each cushion is made with the greatest care and attention to detail, and personally selected by The Souks. Each cushion is unique.

Go Moroccan and mix & match these gems together! Feel like a bit of variety in your home? The special vintage cushions often have a completely different front and back, so feel free to turn them around!

Frequently asked questions

Is your question not listed? Feel free to contact us!

Are the cushions new or used?

The cushions are made from vintage blankets. These are cleaned and then cut into pieces. They are then made into (new) pillows.

What is so special about this cushion?

Not only are these pillows made from the most beautiful fabrics, but the front and back are often completely different. So you actually buy 1 pillow, but there are 2 in 1! Feel free to turn it around if you want some variety in your home.

I have seen a beautiful cushion but would like more, is that possible?

We cut up blankets and rugs to make pillows, so it may be that “your” rug has produced several pillows. These are all slightly different and are on the site when they are available. So be sure to scroll through the other pillows!

I have a couch for which I need a special size cushion, can you make that?

We can! Please allow for a long delivery time for custom orders, because we go from design to production and delivery for you.

Are these pillows already filled?

Yes, these are delivered filled

Can I wash the cushion?

Preferably not. You can use a cloth to take off any stains, but because these pillows are made of very delicate fabrics we do not recommend washing them. Rubbing them out usually works sufficiently!

Help, which pillow should I choose?

The special vintage pillows lend themselves perfectly to mixing & matching! That’s how they do it in Morocco too: feel free to mix colors and patterns together for an authentic look! But there is a lot to choose from, we get it. So are you really stressed about the choice? Mail us and we’ll have a look with you.