made from vintage blankets

Vintage stripe cushions

The stripe pattern is an all-time favorite at The Souks. So it was a no brainer that the stripe cushion would get a permanent place in the collection. But in a vintage way, of course! Our stripe cushions are made of vintage blankets. These are professionally cleaned, and then our craftsmen assemble the pillows by hand.


“We never met a stripe we didn’t like!”

party now!

Striped pillow

The designs are made from hand woven luxury wool and cotton. The pillows are made out of vintage blankets. These are professionally cleaned and then cut into pieces. Then our craftsman Mo -who met Sandra during one of her first trips in Morocco- turns them into the most beautiful handmade pillows with great attention to detail. Each fabric is personally selected by The Souks, and there is only one copy available of each pillow. Each piece is therefore unique!

However, often several pillows are made from one blanket, which gives you the opportunity to buy a matching one. Of course, this design is also perfect for mixing & matching with other colors. Let’s have that striped pillow party now!

Given that these pillows are vintage, small traces of use may be present.

Frequently asked questions

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Are the pillows vintage or new?

We have these striped pillows made from vintage blankets. These blankets are professionally cleaned and then cut into pieces, which our artisans then make the pillows from.

Are the front and back the same?

Almost, but not quite. They are of course taken from the same blanket so the style is always appropriate (see question above). That’s why you always see a picture of the front and back on the product page.

I have seen a beautiful pillow but would like more of it, is that possible?

We have these cushions made from vintage blankets that are made into pillows. So it may be that there will be several pieces from “your” blanket. Of course, we can only have a number of pillows made from one blanket, so here’s the rule: gone = gone. Fortunately, our vintage stripe pillows lend themselves perfectly to mixing and matching! Let us know if you’re looking for a specific color, and we’ll look with you.

I have a bench that I need a special size pillow for, can you make that?

The vintage stripe design lends itself perfectly to this, so we can! Let us know what you need (a) cushion(s) for and in what colors, and we will look for the right fabric. Please keep in mind that custom orders take a long time to deliver, because we have to work for you from design to production and delivery.

Is there any filling in this cushion?

Yes, these pillows come filled.

Can I wash the pillow?

Preferably not. You can use a cloth to wipe off any stains, but because these pillows are made from very delicate fabrics we do not recommend washing them. Rubbing them out usually works sufficiently!


Help, which pillow should I choose?

The vintage stripe pillows lend themselves perfectly to mixing & matching! Feel free to combine different colors, like they do in Morocco. But there’s a lot to choose from, we get it. So are you really stressed about the choice? Mail us and we’ll have a look with you.