Create the spa feeling

Stylish and soft hammam towels

Traditionally, hamam cloths or towels were used in Moroccan bathhouses and saunas, as a shawl, cover-up or to dry off. Nowadays they are used for many more purposes. They look beautiful in the bathroom and create the real spa feeling in your home. In addition, hamam towels are light and dry quickly, making them ideal for travels or a day at the beach. The woven cotton where they are made of feels wonderfully soft!


“At the Souks, we believe and value true craftmanship.
We breathe every stich, every paint stroke, every detail”

Beautiful and trendy colors

For interior and as an accessory by the water

Traditionally, hamam towels were used in Moroccan bathhouses. Nowadays they are used for many more purposes. The towels are lightweight, dry quickly and are therefore ideal for taking to the beach or spa. The hammam towels also serve perfectly as a light blanket for summer days, or use it as a wrap on the beach or by the pool. Because they are woven from cotton, they are very soft and supple.

It is recommended to wash the towels before use for optimal effect. After washing, they dry faster and absorb more water.

The advantages of the hamam towel at a glance:

  • Quick-drying material;
  • Made of soft, fine fabric;
  • Beautiful, trendy colors;
  • Absorb a lot of moisture;
  • Hamam towels are light and thin, so easy to carry with you

Frequently Asked Questions

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Are the hamam towels new or vintage?

Hamam towels are always new. We have these made from fabrics that are woven especially for The Souks.

Does a hamamcloth dry well?

Certainly. Of course, it absorbs less moisture than a thick, terry towel. It is always a good idea to wash a new hamam towel before use, they dry faster afterwards and absorb better.

Can I wash a hamam towel?

Sure, preferably even before the first use for the most optimal effect. After washing they will dry faster and absorb more water.