Vintage blankets

Blankets, at team The Souks they are everywhere in the house. The collection of blankets at The Souks varies from pompom blankets to special designs and vintage ones. We find the vintage ones during our treasure hunts, they’re always handpicked by our founder Sandra because only the most beautiful ones will make it to our collection. The blankets are made out of natural materials, such as pure wool and cotton.


“The blanket is the perfect item for cocooning, and gives a warm, personal touch to any interior”


Blankets, at team The Souks they are everywhere in the house. After all, there is little better than cocooning in a soft woven blanket at the end of a busy day at work. The Souks blanket collection varies from pompom blankets of wool and cotton to handpicked vintage pieces. The vintage pieces are pre-loved and handpicked during our treasurehunts.

All our blankets are made of natural materials such as 100% pure cotton and wool. Wool is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Wool is self-cleaning and moisture regulating and repels dust mites. In Morocco, wool blankets are used for all seasons. Cotton is naturally cooler and lighter, does not itch, washes easily and is a year-round all-rounder.

Obviously, the blankets will be professionally cleaned before leaving the warehouse and making their way to your doorstep.

Frequently Asked Questions

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I hesitate between a cotton and wool blanket, which one is best for me?

Both materials are 100% natural, of pure quality and durable. A wool blanket is a bit warmer and heavier, where the cotton blanket is a bit lighter. Still, it is a tightly woven blanket, so even the cotton blanket is of sturdy quality.

Wool is self-cleaning and moisture regulating, repels dust mites and is particularly suitable for people with allergies. Wool is cool in summer and warm in winter, in Morocco the blankets are used for all seasons. Cotton is naturally cooler.

The colors of wool blankets tend to be more intense, where cotton blankets tend to be softer and duller.

Are the blankets vintage or new?

That differs per type! And this is always indicated with the product. The ones in this category are vintage.

vintage one of a kind blankets, this is also clearly stated in the description. Hamam towels are always new and specially woven for The Souks.

Are the blankets dirty?

The vintage blankets have been professionally cleaned. Because these blankets are vintage -and preloved- they do contain the occasional small flaw, such as a fray in the weave, or a color difference. Should an item contain significant signs of use, this will be noted on the product page at all times. Our vintage items are handpicked with the utmost care. Items that do not meet our requirements do not make it into our collection. That’s a promise 😉

Can I wash the blankets?

Wool blankets can be washed by hand or on a wool wash program, preferably on a cold program with a special wool detergent. The cotton blankets can be washed on a gentle cycle. Tip from us: hang out your blanket regularly so that the fresh air can pass through the fibers.

I would prefer a new blanket, where do I find it?

Check out our selection of all blankets here. And here you can view our signature pompom blankets.