Meditation pillow kelim

Yoga/meditation pillow kelim – Moi-tu

Start your day with a meditation on this handmade yoga pillow made of kelim fabric. The pillow has a serene and calm look, so you can give it a prominent place in your home and doesn’t have to dust away in a closet. Which makes it a lot easier to plan your meditation or yoga moment for yourself.

Each pillow is equipped with a zippered inner cover and filled with organic buckwheat. Thanks to this sturdy filling of organic buckwheat, moisture is regulated and your spine gets a good support.

This yoga pillow has a handle and a zipper. The outer cover is removable.

  • Material: 100% wool and cotton
  • diameter: 32 centimeter
  • height: 17 centimeter

The design of the fabric is inspired by the famous Beni Ouarain rugs. These rugs are named after the Berber village ‘Beni Ouarain’ in the Mid-Atlas mountains, where they are carefully crafted by the Berbers. We fell in love with the geometric Beni pattern and are very happy that we have now been able to make meditation pillows out of it.

You can take out some of the chaff of the inner cushion to lower the pillow, or you can easily refill the pillow with extra buckwheat cover, to make the yoga pillow higher. With a simple action you adjust your pillow to your needs.