Boucherouite rugs

Boucherouite rugs

We are always on the hunt for new patterns, shapes, and colors. That’s why Boucherouite rag rugs make us so happy. This rug will add a pop of color to your home!

Boucherouite - which means ‘leftover materials’ in Moroccan - is made from thousands of scraps of old clothes, recycled cotton and colorful wool. All of these materials are combined by Berber women and made into a fabulous, unique decorative design.  It’s freedom of expression at its best! A true piece of art. 

Min: €0 Max: €450

Boucherouite 70

Sizing: 195 centimeter x 95 centimeter


Boucherouite 73

Sizing: 100 centimeter x 240 centimeter


Boucherouite 72

Sizing: 200 centimeter x 125 centimeter


Boucherouite 74

Sizing: 200 centimeter x 85 centimeter


Boucherouite 69

Sizing: 175 centimeter x 70 centimeter


Boucherouite 71

Sizing: 170 centimeter x 95 centimeter

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