handmade objects from Morocco

Cate Adriana x The Souks

" The organic lines are the types of lines found in nature. They are irregular, curved, and often fluid. They convey a sense of gracefulness, beauty, dynamism, and mystery. I want to show the strength of the female body and mother nature. - Cate Adriana "

During a trip through Morocco, Cate and Sandra came up with the idea of merging the specialization of The Souks and Cate's creativity into a new collection. We can't wait to introduce these items to you one by one. All items are handmade and will be sold in a very limited edition.

Item 1
name: The Dreamers
product: Beni Ouarain rug
material: 100% wool
size options: 120 x 150 centimeters / 150x 220 centimeters / 200 x 300 centimeters
price on request

Item 2
Will be launched soon

More info: [email protected]

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