7 tips to clean and maintain your rug
Of course, we all hope that the rug will have a perfectly clean life, but unfortunately stains are almost inevitable. If you have any stains, read the following tips! We will also give you some tips to keep your rug pretty as long as possible.

1. Treat a stain as soon as possible!

2. Don’t rub but dabble. When you rub, the stain deepens in the carpet. Put some lukewarm water on the stain and dap with a towel. Work from the outside to the inside and make sure to only use clean parts of the towel.

3. When dap doesn’t work, use a stain reducing foam or shampoo. This normally costs no more than €10,- and it will save you the costs of a professional cleaning company. Try not to use chemical products. Our carpets are made from 100% natural materials like wool and cotton. First TEST the product on a inconspicuous place on the rug!

4. Allow the detergent to do its job, let it soak in long enough. We understand that you want the stain removed as soon as possible, but a product needs time to do his work! Dap the stain dry with a towel and let the rug dry in a not too humid room.

5. Red wine stains? Treat directly: salt often does miracles! Sprinkle salt immediately on the stain and let it soak. After this you can remove the salt with a wet towel. Continue till the stain is gone. Always work from the outside to the inside.

6. Beni Ourain and Ourika rugs can NOT be in cleaned in the washing machine. Most of the Boucherouite rugs can. This is because they are made out of small pieces of cotton, which survive a wash in the machine. Make sure to use a short washing program on a low temperature.

7. We recommend to clean your rug once a year. This of course depends on the use of the carpet. You can clean it more often when you have for example pets or your rug is under the table. A steamer is a good investment and ideal to use for cleaning a rug. It’s best to let thick berber rugs be cleaned by a special cleaning company. These companies also “shake out” your rugs before cleaning. If you need any recommendations, feel free to sent us a message at info@thesouks.com.