Story Behind the Striped Berber Pillow
Since my first visit to Morocco for The Souks, I work with Mo. He is the one I bought my very first pillows from and over the years we became good friends. We keep each other close by sending pics from family and it’s always very good to see each other once I got back in Morocco.

The striped berber pillows have a special place in my heart so I think it’s time to tell you something more about how they’re being made. To start; all pillows are unique. We can never get two of the same as we only use vintage fabric.

When in Mo’s place we start with a fresh mint tea, we chit chat a bit and after a while we move to the magical place where the vintage fabric is being stocked. As we work together for a long time he knows what I like to select for The Souks, so the second thing we do is browse through all the amazing fabrics. Mo knows The Souks very well, and he warms my heart by showing me beautiful fabrics in my happy color: black! We continue browsing and after a blanket or 10 we go back and drink tea, talk, tea and just sit and so it goes on and on.

We want every pillow to be unique, but when a blanket is big and wide enough and it’s possible to make two pillow covers with the exact same stripe out of it, we often go for the most environmental friendly option and make two. Perfect for a symmetrical or an easy going interior.

Mo makes sure the pillows that are made for The Souks distinguish themselves not only in uniqueness but also in quality. As we only like to sell handmade quality items we ask Mo to use a better zipper than he would normally do and as an extra he also makes a nice board inside to make sure the pillow is strong enough to last a lifetime. Again: we try to go for eco friendly options whenever we can!

After washing the blankets, Mo starts sewing the pillows one by one, which takes a while. I drop by every day to see how it goes and check all the small details like the fabric color used for the board. I check the collection when it’s all ready and we pack every item with care and ship all handmade items to The Netherlands. Arrived in Amsterdam, we unpack, plan a photoshoot after which the items are ready to be ordered by The Souks’ customers – maybe that’s you! Now they are ready to shine in a new interior. If you see a design you like, don’t wait too long to get your unique piece at home, Mo likes his products one of a kind, and we do too!